Typographic non-fiction book. It just depends on a bit of melanin.

Bachelor thesis. 116 pages. 160g/sqm. Hardcover. Sewn binding. Twofolded book cover. Non-fiction texts about race, racism, whiteness. Personal stories of African Migrants living in Germany.
Concept / typesetting / book layout / dust cover / grid / graphics / typography / non-fiction texts / interview editing / statistical analysis / photo book (under lock and key, see also Photography) / final artwork / exhibition / symposium / preparation for printing and binding.

Foto Typografisches Sachbuch Bachelorarbeit
Grafik Melanin
Detail Grafik Melanin
InhaltsverzeichnisGrafik Ausländer

Grafik Schwarz Weiß
Grafik Rassismus

Grafik GewaltTypografie
Typografie Rasse

Grafik ausländischer Nachbar
Typografie Interview
Typografie Weisssein
Typografie N-Wort

Grafik Integration